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Capacity: 20kg
Division: 2g
Plate size: 290 x 220mm
Rechargeable battery / Mains operated
Stainless Steel Top Plate
Large LCD Display
3 Displays: Denomination, Quantity & Total value
Tokens can be counted
Coin Counters and Sorters:
Fast and reliable coin counters and note detectors speed up the process of money counting. Note detectors are used to detect counterfeit notes.
Micro Coin Counting Scale (CCST20)

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Micro Coin Counter (CCSA15)

Programmable unit weight and denomination
10 pre-set keys for coins, tickets and tokens
3 Bright displays for Weight / Denomination / Total
Total value calculation
Up to 25 accumulation
100% Tare function
Settable currency symbols (ASCII mode)
Currency value setting range 0.01 - 999
Security password and overload protecttion
Standard EL backlight and RS232 interface
Battery / Mains operated with low power indication
6V/4AH Rechargeable battery with 200 continuous hours
1/6000 Display resolution
Plate size: 280 x 230mm (NW: 4,40kg)
Capacity: 15kg x 2g

Different dimensions of coins can be counted automatically
Accurately calculates total value of coins
Three counting modes: Free Count, Batch Count & Fix Count
Includes halt function to stop at any time
Gives amount of coins and total monetary value
Micro Coin Sorter
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Micro Note Detector

UV Light for detection of false notes
11 Watt UV Globe
220 Volts

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Mains operated
Counts up to 1000 notes per minute
Automatic start / stop
Adding facility
Easy to use
Saves time
Batching function
Micro Note Counter (HL2100)
Counting Scales:
A counting scale will convert the weight information into piece counting and visa-versa in order to give you the accuracy required.
Micro Counting Table Scale

Rechargeable battery / Mains operated
Display of weight, unit weight and total weight
Full overload facility
Tare function
Plate size: 200 x 280mm

15kg x 1g
30kg x 1g
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Instant display of quantity, unit weight & total weight
Easy to use keyboard with audible feedback
Automatically averages unit weight
Function for auto zero tracking, full tare, quantity or weight checking with alarm, accumulate memories
Blinking signals for insufficient sample or unit weight
0.6" High red LED display
Counting function up to 999,999 pieces
Plate size: 240 x 290mm

1.2kg x 0.1g
3kg x 0.2g
6kg x 0.5g
12kg x 1g
30kg x 1g | 30kg x 2g
Nagata Electronic Counting Table Scale (CTR)
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Micro QHD30 Dual Counting Scale

Capacity: 30kg x 0.5g
Can connect to external platform with various capacities
Rechargeable Battery/ Mains Operated
20mm LCD Display for longer battery life
Zero/ Tare Function
Plate size: 290 x 225mm
PLU descriptions max 100 PLU's
Optional: Tally Roll Printer
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The QHD-30 series offers a range of accurate, fast and versatile counting scales that can use one additional external platform (Remote Scale) for weighing or counting of heavier items.  The counting scales have the ability to store detailed information on the products that are used most (PLU).
All scales have Stainless Steel weighing pans.
All the keypads are sealed, color coded with membrane swithches.  Displays are large and easy to read liquid crystal type displays (LCD).
The LCD’s are supplied with a backlight.
All units include automatic zero tracking, audible alarm for pre-set weights, pre-set tare and an accumulation faciliity that allows the count to be stored and recalled as accumulated total.
The scales have an expanded bi-directional RS232 interface for communication with a PC or printer.
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